Protect Your Video

Real time forensic and visible watermarking that scales.

Personalized watermark

SafeStream burns a unique visual watermark into each video, serving as a deterrent to unauthorized sharing.

Pay for what you use

Incredibly cost-effective -- pay only for content that’s viewed, without tying up resources or hardware.

Workflow that works

As a standalone API, SafeStream fits into your existing screening room or Media Management system.

Cross platform

Unlike most DRM solutions, SafeStream works across platforms and devices, without proprietary player software.

Content Theft Prevention

From online courses to feature films, theft of video content has a real financial impact on publishers and content creators. SafeStream deters illegal use of your content and ups the stakes on unauthorized sharing through the real-time addition of a non-removable, personalized and visual watermark.

  • Secure player protects from "YouTube Download" software
  • Burned-in marks identify the user by name, email, subscriber ID
  • Loads in seconds for a smooth viewing experience
  • Adaptive bitrate technology ensures quality of service

Turn-Key Video Security

No software to install. No hardware to buy. No network to provision. No DVDs to produce. Sharing and screening video securely is a snap with SafeStream.

  • AES encryption with 128 bit security (Pantos Spec)
  • Smart caching to enable re-watching of content
  • Detailed analytics on viewers and viewing behaviour
  • Compatible with existing DRM systems
  • Easy integration, get started in 5 minutes

Infinite Customization

Customize your watermark or choose from pre-made templates that cover common scenarios. Lock down your pre-release content, or create something more subtle for consumer consumption.

  • Dynamic fields, such as Name, IP, User ID, Email
  • Image bugs (overlays)
  • Static Text (Property of Acme)
  • Motion based watermarks (moving right to left)
  • Time-limited and interval watermarks

Technology Comparison

Existing watermarking technologies often sacrifice user experience or come at a high cost.

Overlay Manual Watermark Forensic Watermark SafeStream
On-demandWatermarks are created when content is requested
Dynamic ContentEmbed information such as name, email, ip, etc.
Visual DeterrentProvide a visual signal to the viewer
SecureProvides effective security
ScalableWorks for an audience of 1 or 10,000
Watermark as a ServiceNo hardware or systems to configure
Cost EffectiveNo compromise between usability, security, and cost
Works OfflineUser can view content when offline
Pay Per View Pay only for content that is viewed
Invisible to ViewerViewer sees their information burned in
InstantaneousLittle or no delay in the user experience

SafeStream In Action

Click to personalize video playback.

Media & Entertainment

SafeStream grew out of the need of studios and production houses to secure valuable content. Battle-tested by the likes of Hulu, ITV and BBC Worldwide, SafeStream has been engineered to fit into the most demanding media workflows with ease.

SafeStream fits into your Press Screeners, Digital Dailies, or integrates with your Media Management System for Review and Approval.

Leaks can happen anywhere in the supply chain. Use SafeStream as part of your Review and Approval workflow or in conjunction with your Media Management System. Since SafeStream was built by MediaSilo, media and entertainment’s leading secure video sharing and collaboration platform, there is also a turn-key MAM option that seamlessly integrates with your workflow.

Online Learning

With video-based online learning growing exponentially, content theft is a key concern for any publisher or author. All too often, course content is making its way to torrent sites or being illegally resold on sites like Udemy.

SafeStream provides a cost effective way to watermark content for each subscriber. For pennies per video, subscriber information, such as user ID or email address, can be burned in at intervals during playback, ensuring that each subscriber receives a unique copy -- and preventing thieves from removing your name and introduction from course content.

Avoid finding your content on torrent sites or being illegally sold on content market places. Read about how one author just went through this.

Corporate Video

Increasingly, businesses are using video for everything from corporate training to product trials to user testing. SafeStream is a simple, cost-effective way to protect confidential video communication with employees and prevent sensitive material from leaking.

  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing corporate video distribution strategy
  • Scales from 10 to 10,000 employees
  • Know who watched content
  • Works on all devices and platforms without custom software

Average Time

Approximate duration for watermarking of 1 hour of content.

44 minutes

Using Adobe Premiere on Desktop

30 minutes

FFMPEG on AWS Large Instance